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Pregnancy & Your Dental Health

It’s no secret that pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life. However, misunderstandings about the safety of dental care during pregnancy may cause women to avoid seeing their dentist. The fact is, your dentist can create a treatment plan that is safe, effective, and essential for combating the adverse effects of oral disease […]

Keeping That Smile Clean

It has been documented that oral health care habits established as a child will have an impact on that persons health as an adult. Preventative dental care makes it possible for children to reach adulthood without ever experiencing tooth decay. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day are important for maintaining healthy teeth […]

Diabetes & Your Teeth

It is estimated that up to 20 million people have diabetes, but only two-thirds of these individuals are diagnosed. Studies have shown that diabetics are more susceptible to the development of oral infections and periodontal disease than those who do not have diabetes. Because diabetes reduces the body’s resistance to infection, the gums are at […]

Technology & Your Teeth

Technological advances in the last twenty years have transformed the field of dentistry. Whether you are a fearful patient, a dental procrastinator, or a dental enthusiast, you’ll be wowed by the new techniques that are making procedures easier, faster, and practically pain-free. One of the most exciting innovations is in the creation of crowns. With […]

Preventing Decay of Primary Teeth

It is very important to try to prevent decay of your child’s primary teeth. As soon as teeth appear in the mouth, decay can occur. One of the risk factors for this “baby bottle tooth decay” is frequent and prolonged exposure of a baby’s teeth to liquids containing sugar. These liquids could include milk, breast […]

Dentures-Mini Dental Implants

Sometimes our teeth and their roots become irreparably damaged and have to be removed. Because teeth are such an important part of the body, their loss can have an emotional as well a functional impact on some people. Lost teeth can be replaced by natural looking replacements that can be fixed or removable. When multiple […]

Tips & FAQs

Sooner or later your child may need urgent dental care. Here are a few tips to follow, should an emergency ever occur: ***If Your child’s baby tooth is knocked out. – Call your dentist as soon as possible. The baby tooth should not be replanted as this may cause potential damage to the developing permanent […]

First and Regular Visits

Regular dental check-ups and preventative dental care such as cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants, provide your child with “smile” insurance.  Plan your child’s first dental visit within six months after the first tooth erupts, but no later than his or hers first birthday.  Consider it a “well baby check-up” for your child’s teeth. During your […]