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Healthy Mouth, Healthy You

Did you know that having a healthy mouth could help to protect your overall wellness?  That’s right, a healthy mouth will help you feel and look younger for longer.  Science based evidence confirms that your oral health is connected to many other health conditions.  The mouth is a normal and natural breeding ground for bacteria.  […]

Dental Laboratories

Dentists could not be as effective as they are without an excellent support system. One of the most important partners of the Dental team is the Dental laboratory. Dental labs play a huge role in the day-to-day effectiveness of a dental office. Dental laboratories work with the dentist to fabricate quality restorations for the Dentists […]

Dental X-Rays

Could dental x-rays be bad for your health?  A study published in Cancer, a scientific journal of the American Cancer Society, associates yearly or more frequent dental x -rays with an increased risk of developing meningioma, the most commonly diagnosed brain tumor.  This type of tumor is usually not malignant.  The study has received widespread […]