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Informed Consent

Informed consent is more than simply getting a patient to sign a written consent form.  It is a process of communication between a patient and physician that results in the patient’s authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention.  Before any procedure is performed your dentist should do the following: *** Explain your diagnosis […]

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Many people suffer from anxiety when it comes to visiting the Dentist.  People can fear an array of different aspects of a dental visit.  It could be anything from the dental chair, the noise of dental instruments, or even a fear of the dentist causing pain.  It’s best to keep in mind that the dentist […]

Risk Factors of Gum Disease

It is important to pay very close attention to your oral health.  Recognizing certain risk factors could be crucial in maintaining good oral hygiene.  Here are some factors to be aware of; **Over flossing and excessive vigorous brushing may injure your teeth or gums. **If you have a family member with gum disease or cavities, […]