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Conservative Dental Care

Conservative Dental Care is focused on preserving as much of your natural tooth and gum structure as possible. New minimumly invasive dental techniques enable us to skillfully and accurately perform the necessary work on teeth and gums while being less invasive and ultra conservative. Here are some examples: Laser Dentistry, uses state of the art […]


The greatest breakthrough in preventive dentistry during the last fifty years has been the use of fluoride. About two-thirds of American cities add additional fluoride to their water supply for the prevention of tooth decay. In fact, fluoridation of public water systems can reduce cavities in baby teeth by 60 per cent and those in […]

Bad Breath

Bad breath is uncomfortable and embarrassing but it is also treatable. There are several causes of bad breath such as strong foods, like garlic and onions…smoking…periodontal disease…dry mouth…various medical conditions…and improper or inconsistent dental healthcare. Eliminating the bacteria found on your tongue and gums is one of the first steps in getting rid of bad […]

Tooth Bonding

If you have cracked or chipped teeth, you may want to consider Direct Tooth Bonding.  Direct tooth bonding is a fairly quick and painless procedure in which a moldable substance, similar to putty, is applied to enhance the look of your teeth.  This is a popular treatment for dental cosmetic purposes to repair decayed teeth, […]

At Home Whitening

Over time your teeth darken as minerals penetrate their outer enamel layer. The darkening can be caused by food and beverages, tobacco products, and the natural aging process. Your dentist can prescribe the home whitening system that will safely lighten these stains, giving you a whiter, brighter smile. A specially formulated whitening gel designed to […]

Top 9 Foods that Damage Teeth

Everyone knows that a balanced, nutritious diet is essential to healthy living.   But did you know that eating patterns and food choices play an important role in preventing tooth decay and gum disease?  While some foods DO benefit your dental health, many foods, especially snack foods do not.   Here are the top nine […]