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Dental Insurance vs. Dental Savings Plan

  Do you know the difference is between dental insurance, and a dental discount plan? Dental insurance works like health insurance and is often available through your employer. Most plans have a monthly premium, and when you have a dental expense, the insurance plan pays all or part of that expense, up to a stated […]

Gaps (Diastema)

  A diastema is an area of extra space between two or more teeth, often called a gap. The most common place for a diastema is between the front two upper teeth. Many children have diastema, especially as they lose their baby teeth and adult teeth grow in. Often, this gap will close on its […]

Preventing Decay

  It is very important to try to prevent decay of your child’s primary teeth. As soon as teeth appear in the mouth, decay can occur. One of the risk factors for this “baby bottle tooth decay” is frequent and prolonged exposure of a baby’s teeth to liquids containing sugar. These liquids could include milk, […]

The Truth About Charcoal Whitening

  Recently, you may have heard about charcoal whitening products. These products, often sold in health food stores, claim to use activated charcoal to remove surface stains on the teeth. The charcoal is applied in powder form to a toothbrush and then rubbed on the teeth, often turning the mouth black, temporarily. Charcoal whitening advocates […]


  According to the American Dental Association, over one third of cancer patients report complications affecting their mouths. The adverse effects are usually due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments used to treat cancer. The most common side effects patients report are dry mouth, sensitive gums, mouth sores, and jaw pain. Chemotherapy can weaken the immune […]

Dental Tips for Cold and Flu Season

  Cold and flu season can take a toll on all parts of your body, even your mouth. Here are a few tips to care for your teeth when you have a cold or flu. Choose sugar free cough drops to soothe your sore throat. A sugary cough drop will promote the formation of cavities. […]