5 Foods to Eat When Depressed

Many people who suffer symptoms of depression seek comfort from their favorite foods like chocolate, salty chips, or pastries.  But if you really want to boost your mood, try making some different food choices.  Here are five foods that can help you beat your bad mood;
*Omelets- They are full of B vitamins and protein.  Egg yolks are the vitamin- B rich part of the egg, so be sure to include it.
*Nuts and Seeds- are full of magnesium and influence the production of serotonin, a feel- good chemical in the brain.  Magnesium also affects overall energy production.

*Cold- Water Fish- for the omega- 3 fatty acids.  Fish is known as wonderful brain food and has been shown to increase the membrane quality and nerve function in the brain.

*Ancient Grains-are full of complex carbohydrates.  They take longer to digest and don’t cause spikes in blood sugar that can affect moods.

*Green Tea-is a great way to stimulate brain waves, and ideal for an afternoon pickup.
Keep these foods in mind the next time you’re feeling the blues.

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