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YOUR DENTAL HEALTH – Biofilm Management

  Dental biofilm, also known as plaque, is the sticky bacterial film that adheres to the surface of your teeth. Plaque forms when the sugars and starches from the food you eat are left on your teeth. Bacteria that live in your mouth thrive on the plaque and produce acids that lead to cavities and […]

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

  Do you know the symptoms of oral cancer? Dr. Kenney discusses them in this edition of Your Dental Health.

Lemon Water

  Is lemon water good for your teeth? Dr. Caron explains in this vide

Sealants for Children

  Sealants are a great way to protect your children’s teeth. Learn more about them in this video from Dr. Kenney.


  Pacemakers are lifesavers in cardiac care, but when it comes to dentistry, you must take special precautions. Patients with pacemakers or similar cardiac devices can still visit the dentist. When you arrive for your appointment, tell your dentist and hygienist about your device immediately. Since pacemakers use electrical impulses to help the heart stay […]


  More than 3 million Americans are diagnosed with osteoporosis each year. While very uncommon, sometimes medications used to treat osteoporosis, called anti-resorptive agents, have been known to cause osteonecrosis. This causes severe damage to the jaw. It is important to let your dentist know if you are taking these medications because modifications to your […]

Botox and Fillers

Did you know that many dentists are starting to offer Botox, and facial fillers, in their offices? Dentists who are members of the Academy of Facial Aesthetics, are trained to provide facial injections to reduce and prevent wrinkles, or fill and plump the skin. But is it safe to get these injections at the same […]


Periodontal disease is the infection of the tissues around your teeth. The beginning stage of periodontal disease is call gingivitis and is caused by a buildup of plaque. Some of the most common causes of gingivitis are poor dental care, tobacco use, hormone fluctuations, diabetes, certain medications, and even genetics. Some warning signs of gingivitis […]

Dental Bonding

If you want to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, but are on a budget, you may be interested in dental bonding. In this treatment, a dentist will skillfully apply a tooth-colored resin to each tooth you wish to treat. The resin is cured with a light, then filed and polished to blend flawlessly […]

3D Printing

  One of the newest pieces of dental technology is a 3D printer. Many dentists and dental labs are using 3D printers to make everything from mouth guards and crowns, to retainers and other orthodontics. This new technology reduces the time it takes to make these dental products, while providing more precision, and patient customization. […]