Choosing a Dentist

It is very important to make an informed decision when choosing your Dentist.  When making that decision, here are some tips to consider, to make sure you find the perfect fit.  Is the dentist close to your home or job?  Is it easy to get the appointment times you need to fit your schedule?  Always pay attention to the surroundings.  The office should be clean and well-kept.  Your Dentist should wear gloves, mask, and a gown.  There should be a pleasant respectful environment in the office.  Always ask about fees, payment options, and insurance plans.  These things should always be made clear and should be discussed before treatment.  Find out if your dentist provides a way for you to receive emergency after hours care.  Consult with your dentist about your dental history and any concerns you may have.  Make sure you feel comfortable talking to them, and most importantly make sure they explain things in a way that you understand and feel comfortable about.  Finally, get to know your dentist.  Find out how long they have been practicing, and what continuing education they are still pursuing.



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