Dental Erosion

Have you ever noticed right after drinking certain types of drinks or sucking on a lemon that your teeth feel almost gritty?  More than likely you are experiencing dental erosion. Dental erosion is the dissolving of the surface enamel of teeth by acids found in soft drinks, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, sports drinks, and high energy drinks.  The chemical erosion that we are talking about is not like tooth decay.  It is actually the direct effect of acids attacking the outer enamel on the tooth’s surface.  Although brushing after meals may be beneficial in helping to prevent tooth decay, in cases of enamel loss by erosion, it could make it worse.  Acidic foods and beverages actually soften your tooth enamel, so wait at least thirty to sixty minutes before brushing so your enamel with have time to re harden and will be less sensitive.  If you feel you have weakened enamel, see your dentist to help you develop a care plan.



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