Flossing vs Toothpicks

Everyone knows brushing your teeth twice a day should be part of your dental hygiene routine.  But what about flossing or using toothpicks?  Well it turns out they are both good for you to get in the habit of using.  Flossing should be done on a daily basis, usually right before going to bed.  But during the day, after eating a meal, using a toothpick is a handy way to remove food particles.  To use a toothpick correctly you must use it lightly and not too aggressively.  You should never do damage to your teeth or gums by using a toothpick.  You should guide the toothpick very gently without using too much force.  The same goes for dental floss.   Always remember to use them lightly to avoid causing damage.  Even though toothpicks are handy, they should never take the place of flossing or brushing your teeth.  Please remember to take great care of your teeth and gums by using a toothpick, dental floss, and of course by brushing.  Never use any other objects for cleaning your teeth or removing food particles.