Is Kissing Dangerous to Your Health?

With just one kiss you are sharing more than 500 different types of disease-causing germs and viruses with your kissing partner. Not knowing whom you are kissing could be dangerous. Watch out for cold sores, the clear, fluid-filled blisters that form around the mouth and lips. These sores are linked to the herpes virus and are highly contagious, especially if they are leaking fluid. Even if these sores have scabbed over they can still be contagious. If you see one, avoid intimate contact! Also the common cold and flu virus can very easily be transmitted through kissing. If you or your partner feel a cold or flu coming on, try to avoid kissing one another. There are plus sides to smooching as well. A benefit to kissing is the increase in saliva production that helps to wash away food particles and cavity causing bacteria. Just remember to always know whom you are kissing.

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