Low Folic Acid

A low Folic Acid count could affect your teeth.  One of the primary indications of a folate deficiency is oral irritation and degeneration.  Most often, a deficiency will result in a swollen tongue and frequent mouth ulcerations.  This can exacerbate to inflamed gums, weakened tooth enamel and even tooth loss.  However, these are typical of particularly extreme cases and can occur as a result of other health issues.  It is essential to obtain a professional diagnosis before making any determinations based on these symptoms.  Folate deficiency can have a marked influence on oral health, and other areas as well.  Other symptoms include curly or graying hair, slowed or arrested growth, or can even lead to anemia or low red blood cell levels.  The most common cause of folate deficiencies are poor diets that do not contain enough of the nutrient.  If you feel you have any of these symptoms consult your physician.

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