Risk Factors of Gum Disease

It is important to pay very close attention to your oral health.  Recognizing certain risk factors could be crucial in maintaining good oral hygiene.  Here are some factors to be aware of;

**Over flossing and excessive vigorous brushing may injure your teeth or gums.

**If you have a family member with gum disease or cavities, remember that bacteria can be transmitted through saliva.

**Choosing the right fillings for your teeth will make them last longer and save you on costs down the road.

**Smoking, diabetes, pregnancy, and chronic illness are risk factors for gum disease.

**Cortisone, birth control pills, medication used to treat high blood pressure, seizures or cancer can worsen gum disease.

**Beverages such as carbonated sodas, energy drinks, and sports recovery beverages can compromise your oral health.

Keep these things in mind and try to always make good choices concerning your oral health.



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