Stealth Tooth Killers

There are an array of foods and drinks that could be hurting your teeth.  For example, everyone knows that red wine can stain the teeth, but white wine can also damage teeth due to its high acidity.  Try rinsing your mouth with water after drinking white wine or just eat some cheese.  Cheese contains calcium and will help balance out the wine’s acidity.  Lemons also have very high acidity and can eat away tooth enamel, making them weaker over time.    Chewing Ice can literally chip the tooth’s enamel and is not a good habit to have.  Weak enamel can lead to teeth chipping or breaking more easily.  Sports Drinks might be considered healthy but can be very acidic and can lead to tooth erosion.  With more people exercising and using these drinks to hydrate, this type of tooth decay is on the rise.  Try drinking just plain water instead.  Always remember to practice good dental health by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwashes on a daily basis