Types of Mouthwashes

Mouthwash can be an excellent supplement to your regular brushing and flossing routine.  Mouthwash comes in several different varieties, each of which has been designed to perform a certain function.  There are four basic types of mouthwash.
*Cosmetic Mouthwashes- they have been designed to combat bad breath.  They do not kill bacteria, fight plaque, or promote the overall health of your teeth.
* Antiseptic Mouthwashes- they do fight bacteria and plaque.  They provide some degree of protection against tooth decay.
* Fluoride Mouthwashes- these contain fluoride and can help fortify your teeth against decay.
* Prescription Mouthwashes- this type of mouthwash can have antibiotic properties and can be very beneficial to people that suffer from oral conditions such as mouth ulcers or swollen gum tissue



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