Updated Food Pyramid

The USDA recently updated the Food guide pyramid and renamed it MyPlate. Fruits and vegetables take up half the plate, and grains and protein make up the other half. It is recommended by the Foodplate that people consume two to three servings of vegetables in a day whether they are fresh, frozen, canned, or juiced. It is best to consume two to four servings of fruit in a day, they can be prepared in any way. The Foodplate advises that fats can be consumed sparingly and that healthy fats can be found in nuts, fish, and avocados. For adults, three cups of dairy products are recommended per day, and two to three servings of protein per day. Proteins can be found in meats, beans, nuts, and eggs. Remember, one serving of meat is considered to be only 4 ounces, which is about the size of a deck of cards. Keep track of what you’re eating to optimize your health. To learn more about the food Plate, visit ChooseMyplate.gov.

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